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WHITFIELD COUNTY, Ga. – A senior football player at Northwest Whitfield High School has been arrested for assault after he hit another student across the face with a gun.

William Caid Combs, 17-year-olds, is now facing aggravated assault charges after an altercation took place off school property on Oct. 1.

According to reports, Combs was accompanied by other male teens to his property after they had all been mudding together.

Things quickly escalated after mud was being thrown by some of the teens.

Allegedly Combs became angry and then is said to have put mud inside the exhaust pipe of a truck and dirtbike.

This led to more mud being thrown and words exchanged.

The victim of the alleged assault is then said to have approached Combs after he pulled out a gun.

The victim told the deputy he then walked up to Combs and pointed at his forehead and said “Put it right here.”

Combs then struck the victim in the face and he was transported to Hamilton Medical Center with heavy bruising and a significant cut under his eye.

Whitfield County Schools has responded to this incident and have stated that because the charge is a misdemeanor and because the incident happened off-campus, the student has been suspended from playing a single game.

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